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Didn’t Fit the Description

When he found nothing he told me that even though it was my right to refuse a search it was a little suspicious that I wouldn’t let him search my car when there was a nearby robbery. … Continued

Rusty Truck on Wealthy Side of Town

The main reason I’m told I’m being pulled over? Because I have a “suspicious vehicle.” That basically means that I drive an old, rusty truck in the wealthy side of town… … Continued

Why I Teach My Daughters to Deal with Police

When my daughters were in high school, there were several cases in nearby suburbs where police arrested teenagers and sometimes their parents because of underage drinking taking place within private homes. … Continued

Foiled Police Search in Washington State

When he announced (not asked) that he was going to search my car, (parked, next to us, locked and armed) I quoted from one of your videos, “Officer, I understand you’re just trying to do your job, but I do not consent to searches.” … Continued

Open Carry in Virginia

I have a sort of routine walk that I use to advocate open carry. I know where the school zones are. I know where the government offices are. And so my route is quite safe from any zone that could get me into serous trouble if I choose to carry a firearm. … Continued

Ford Ranchero with Weed in the Seat

The next day when removing the old bench seat I found a paper shopping bag stuffed up under the seat. In it contained about 2-3 pounds of weed. Had a police officer found it during a consented search I’m sure the courts would not care how old it was. … Continued

They Can’t Come in Without a Search Warrant

One asked if they could come in. I said, “No, sir.” The officer responded with threats of imprisonment for obstructing justice. I was incredulous, and asked to see his warrant. … Continued

Lighting a Cigarette Isn’t Probable Cause

I was absolutely terrified that he had a right to search my car, and admittedly, I didn’t know exactly what my rights were. Luckily it worked out. … Continued

Refusing a Search in Maryland

While the entire situation was frustrating, we all celebrated a little victory for not making it easy on the police to turn us into routine victims of police abuse. … Continued

Refusing a Search in Nebraska

Then the officer asked if he had any illegal drugs or weapons in the car, and my friend told him that he did not. The officer asked to search the vehicle and my friend told him, no, because it had already been 45 minutes since he first stopped him. … Continued