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4 Terrible Ways Departments Block Police Complaints

Police complaints represent a basic First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. But here are four ways police departments disregard this fundamental right. 1) Police Station Intimidation For those of you who are brave enough … Continued

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We’re the engineers of justice! Join us now! How else should I put it? We build popular tools for better Bill of Rights education. In fact, our YouTube channel just surpassed 37 million views and 64 million minutes watched! Now … Continued

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Bad cops: Why don’t more people report them?

I confess. I made this sign as “conversation bait” to engage attendees at last week’s National March Against Police Violence. (I’m a monster.) But in my defense, these conversations were research for a new project I’m developing that’s connected to … Continued

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Flex Your Rights Rocks C-SPAN!

Two weeks ago, I turned 38. Days before my birthday, my wife Tara asked me how I wanted to celebrate. With a sigh of exasperation, I explained that birthdays were the last thing on my mind. Months before I agreed … Continued

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Why should I use jury nullification?

Jury nullification occurs when a jury votes “not guilty” even when there is clear evidence that the defendant violated the law. But why would a jury do this? To Fight Unjust Laws During a criminal trial, jurors are told that … Continued

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Search and Seizure in Public Schools

Even before the Columbine and Sandy hook tragedies unleashed the latest wave of zero tolerance policies in public schools, the courts have struggled over the basic question of how to handle search and seizure in public schools. In particular, the … Continued

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What is Jury Nullification?

During a typical criminal trial, the judge will issue a set of jury instructions. The judge will tell the jury that they must set aside any personal beliefs and reach a verdict based solely on the facts presented at trial. But … Continued

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