Questions About Your Rights?


3 Lessons After Our Week From Hell

Sometimes I feel like I can hardly breathe under the weight of the violence, anger, and grief. (I know I’m not alone.) But it’s my job to speak on these matters, so here are my immediate thoughts … Continued


October Media Update

Here’s a peek at some important Flex Your Rights-related media from the past few weeks. The New Yorker Quotes Flex This piece covers efforts within some departments to replace the warrior cop mentality with empathy training. The writer, a psychology professor at Stanford University, asked if we had any concerns about such training: In some […]


NYPD Releases Improved Use of Force Guidelines

For better or for worse, the NYPD has always been a bellwether for how policing gets done in the United States. So last week’s big announcement that NYPD is improving its use of force policies — in particular the way officers collect use of force information — is legitimately good news. But there’s also an interesting […]