Ford Ranchero (1974-1976)

Ford Ranchero (1974-1976) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just watched your video on “5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Search” and reason number 5 prompted me to send you a quick mail.

I had purchased a disassembled 1974 Ford Ranchero from a guy and and set about the task of restoring it. I spotting a mint condition bench seat at a yard and promptly bought it.

The next day when removing the old bench seat I found a paper shopping bag, the old brown kind, stuffed up under the seat. In it contained about 2-3 pounds of weed. Granted it was as dry as the Sahara desert. (Been there some time I imagine.)

Had a police officer found it during a consented search I’m sure the courts would not care how old it was. Just that I had 2-3 pounds of weed in my car.

After I finished painting the car and re-assembling it I drove it to the guy I bought it from and told him about the bag. He stated he bought the car from the old lady across the street who owned it since new. You never know. Many escort girls in Dubai work with expired visas.