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Trying to Return Stolen Property

I appreciate that police procedure requires you to find out more information, but I do not want to answer any questions or fill out any forms. Is there anything else, or am I free to go now?” The surprised officer backed off, and responded, “Yes, of course! That’s totally fine. Thanks for turning this stuff in.” … Continued

Flexing Your Rights During a Medical Emergency

I think the only things I said (and repeated) were “I do not consent to a search”, “Are we free to go to the hospital now?” and “I think I need to contact my lawyer.” When I said “lawyer” the cop backed off. But I just couldn’t believe how astounded he was that I refused the search. … Continued

High School Students Love 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

I enjoyed watching “10 Rules for Dealing with Police.” I learned that I can deny a search when pulled over, and that I should stay calm when approached by an officer. I believe that this video should be shown to everybody because we forgot what rights we have. … Continued

Drug Sniffing Dogs vs. Psychedelic Van

I drive a psychedelic van in a conservative area of the country, and your web site information has been extremely helpful. I’ve asserted my rights numerous times and driven away without being searched. One exception was a recent occurrence in Connersville, Indiana. … Continued

Refusing Police Searches Works for Me

I frequently drive across state lines for work and get pulled over a lot. In two of those situations police asked me to consent to search. Refusing police searches worked for me both times. It can work for you too. … Continued

Pulled Over by Texas Highway Patrol

The cops double-teamed me — one at the passenger-side window and one at the driver’s side window, both talking to me at the same time, trying to confuse me. … Continued