Rusty Blue TruckFlex videos have been an awesome tool in my defense against pushy cops. I’ve been pulled over in Omaha, NE, over 50 times (only one stop was legitimate, for speeding).

The main reason I’m told I’m being pulled over? Because I have a “suspicious vehicle.” That basically means that I drive an old, rusty truck in the wealthy side of town during late hours – although I actually live in the area and was previously working late shifts for a large banking corporation.

I’ve used just about everything I learned from your videos several times over. I’ve had numerous supervisors called out to deal with me because the cops didn’t know what else to do (and they weren’t inclined to let me be on my way). I’ve received numerous apologies, and hopefully, along the way, I’ve taught a cop or two that there are citizens that will stand up for their rights.