My name is Morgan Lesko. I’m the lead coder for Flex Your Right’s new web service, Open Police Complaints (OPC). We’re almost ready to launch. But now we need your help to collect information for a vital part of the service.

Your research will accomplish three important things:

First, you’ll help build a national online directory of police department contact information. (No free, online version exists yet.)

Second, the directory will let OPC forward new complaints to the correct department email address. This will give users a much smoother experience.

Third, your research will reveal a “Complaints Accessibility Score” for your department. This score will show specific ways departments make it easy (or hard) for citizens to submit police complaints.

But in the meantime – we need your help to get started!


Thank you so much for helping me complete this important project. I look forward to hearing your questions, comments, and ideas!

Volunteer Morgan




Morgan Lesko


EDITOR’S NOTE: Morgan has volunteered 1,500 hours to coding OPC! Please email him to thank him for his amazing contribution to police accountability. Or donate below to help sustain our ongoing work.