2015 will be remembered as the year that Flex Your Rights broke out into the mainstream. Your small or large donation will help expand our cultural impact in 2016.

Win #5: Major Media Hits

The general public is hungrier than ever for practical advice on avoiding police violence. That’s why reporters from The GuardianThe New Yorker, and Newsweek approached me for quotes.


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Win #4: Bigger, Better Know-Your Rights Events

Concerned community groups continue to host powerful know-your-rights events featuring 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. The most notable of these include this Black Lives Matter teach-in in Washington, DC and this PBS-sponsored event in Springfield, Illinois. (Here are some tips for hosting a fantastic know-your-rights event.)

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Win #3: Building Better Police Complaints

Thanks to my all-volunteer team of software geniuses – we’re merely months away from launching the next phase of Open Police Complaints (OPC). OPC is a new Flex service that allows users to easily build, save, and share first-rate police complaints. Flex will release the OPC app in fall 2016!

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Win #2: Flex YouTube Channel Hits 40 Million Views!

This win speaks volumes about the enduring power of our Bill of Rights education. But our biggest win of 2015 was…

Win #1: Flex Victory at the U.S. Supreme Court

The Court held in Rodriguez v. U.S. that suspects cannot be detained beyond the scope of a routine traffic stop for the sole purpose of performing a dog sniff. The 6-3 ruling was a big win for the 4th Amendment. But the most crucial component of this win is the fact that Dennys Rodriguez intelligently flexed his rights during his fateful police encounter. If Rodriguez had waived his rights – like most motorists do – the Court wouldn’t have even heard his case!

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