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Why should I use jury nullification?

Jury nullification occurs when a jury votes “not guilty” even when there is clear evidence that the defendant violated the law. But why would a jury do this? To Fight Unjust Laws During a criminal trial, jurors are told that … Continued

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Search and Seizure in Public Schools

Even before the Columbine and Sandy hook tragedies unleashed the latest wave of zero tolerance policies in public schools, the courts have struggled over the basic question of how to handle search and seizure in public schools. In particular, the … Continued

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What is Jury Nullification?

During a typical criminal trial, the judge will issue a set of jury instructions. The judge will tell the jury that they must set aside any personal beliefs and reach a verdict based solely on the facts presented at trial. But … Continued

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How To Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket

You always wear your seatbelt — even when playing Grand Theft Auto. You yield to pedestrians — who have yet to be conceived. You drive so defensively that Chuck Hagel calls you for advice. You are The Most Careful Driver … Continued

Traffic Ticket Myths


Top 4 Traffic Ticket Myths

Nothing ruins your day faster than seeing flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Few moments are as stressful as a police encounter. If you get a traffic ticket and choose to fight it, you’ll need to deal … Continued

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Can I Go to Jail for Jury Nullification?

The short answer is no. This principle comes from Bushell’s Case, a 1670 English ruling. Edward Bushell was a juror in a case against William Penn and William Mead. The two were charged with holding a “tumultuous assembly.” (They held … Continued

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Meet our Dashcam Contest Winners!

Lorenzo Murillo from Indiana is young and latino. Sam Tracy from Washington, DC is a marijuana reform activist. Joshua Berry from Pennsylvania carries a legal concealed firearm. They’ve all got a reason or two to be concerned about police abuse. … Continued

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8 Jury Nullification Objections Rebutted

A recent Chicago Tribune editorial targets a new fully informed jury bill introduced by the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The bill would strengthen the current state law passed in 2012 that allows lawyers “to inform the jury of its … Continued

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