Our response to the new random search program on public transportation in DC is continuing to generate media hits, including a negative reaction to our work in The Washington Times.

The editorial includes factual errors regarding the breadth of the program and even accuses Flex Your Rights of endangering public safety. It’s revealing that our only opposition got the facts completely wrong. Fortunately, Washington Times published my response today, setting the record straight about why we do what we do.

I also appeared on DC50’s Weekend News with Chris Core to discuss random searches and the 4th Amendment. Metro officials declined to appear on the show, apparently unwilling to debate us.

Finally, Steve has an Op-ed in Sunday’s Washington Post discussing the limitations of random searches as a public safety measure.

We’re proud of our recent success, but it’s a real shame that it takes an ill-conceived random search program to generate public discussion of basic constitutional rights. We can only hope that by responding forcefully to this latest threat to our civil liberties, we’ve sent a message that such encroachments will not be tolerated in silence.