In addition to surpassing 20,000 Facebook “likes” in August, here are 5 posts from our page that got lots of attention.

#5. Tennessee Rolls Out “No Refusal” Blood-Draw DUI Checkpoints for Labor Day​

No Refusal DUI Blood Draw

This is disturbing. “We are all American citizens, and you guys got me strapped to a table like I’m in Guantanamo fucking Bay.” — Mike Choroski, DUI Suspect via Police State USA

#4. Flex Executive Director Steve Silverman Discusses Recording the Police on RT

Steve Silverman on Russia Today

“The days where police officers could get away with this sort of abuse and lying are over, because cameras are everywhere.” — Steve Silverman, Flex Your Rights via RT America

#3. Glenn Greenwald Tweets Flex Your Rights

Flexers were saddened to learn that David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald’s spouse, didn’t flex his rights under interrogation. However, we appreciate Glenn’s quick response and clarification and tweeted him a link to watch 10 Rules for Dealing with Police with David. via Flex Your Rights Twitter, reposted to Facebook


#2. Police Groups Furiously Protest Eric Holder’s Marijuana Policy Announcement

“If there had been doubt about how meaningful Holder’s move was, the fury reflected in the police response eliminates it. The role of law enforcement is traditionally understood to be limited to enforcing laws, but police organizations have become increasingly powerful political actors, and lashed out at Holder for not consulting sufficiently before adopting the new policy.” via Ryan Grim, Huffington Post

Police Converge Mass

#1. Why Did the Libertarian Cross the Road?

THIS was our most popular Facebook post in August! (Note: rights-flexing is not just for self-identified libertarians.) via imgur



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