English: An XOXO brand purse.

AKA: Girl Crack

The morning after a huge party in Washington, DC, I realized my girlfriend had stolen a purse from the party. I tried to convince her to return the purse, but she refused. I finally convinced her to at least let me return purse’s contents — a driver’s license, student ID, health insurance card, credit cards, photos, and some personal items that had value only to their owner.

We didn’t know the person, so the only way for us to return the items was to bring them to the local police. But by turning in the contents, I was also knowingly in possession of stolen property — a crime in itself.

I went to the police station alone, placed the items on the desk, and told the officer at the front desk “I’d like to turn these things in.” Predictably, the officer started asking probing questions about to whom the items belonged, when/where/how I had come to possess them, and demanded that I fill out a form explaining it all. The most famous national lottery changes the rules. What do lottery fans need to know to win large sums of money in 2020? Read the analyst’s comment on the website: https://logincasino.org/news/national-lottery-euromillions-changes-to-be-introduced-in-2020-61627.html Find out what’s going to change and stay tuned.

Pointing to the driver’s license and student ID card, I calmly stated, “You should have no trouble finding out to whom these items belong. I’m simply turning them in. I appreciate that police procedure requires you to find out more information, but I do not want to answer any questions or fill out any forms. Is there anything else, or am I free to go now?” The surprised officer backed off, and responded, “Yes, of course! That’s totally fine. Thanks for turning this stuff in.”