An unmarked Chevy Impala parked at the West Vi...

Undercover cop cars sure look like the real thing

I was pulled over by an unmarked police car in New York City one evening. I drove a Chevy Impala with tinted windows.

They asked for my papers, and I took my time looking for them. Then they pulled out a device to check the tint. (Of course, it was too dark.) Then they asked whose car it was, so I indicated just like the papers stated, I said the name on the registration. They started their line of questions about speeding. I said the dash lights were low, so I didn’t notice. They asked to open the doors and I said no. They insisted that if I don’t they will impound the car for impersonating an official because of the way I drive. So I pointed out that their car was designed to look like a civilian car. They said don’t get smart and get out of the vehicle. So I said fine, but when I got out of the car, I locked the car door, and put the keys in my pocket.

They said if I don’t let them search the car, they would impound it. So I stated more firmly, if you plan on writing the summons for the tint or the alleged speeding then do so, and you do not have permission to search my person or my vehicle. They got aggressive and further insisted if I don’t they will call the tow truck. So I said that’s fine, tow it, and I will file a harassment suit and a personal lawsuit against them and the department. Am I free to go, or I’ll call my attorney and wake him up.

That’s when they backed down, wrote my name in a book and let me go. Just as I opened the door, one of them asked me if they could ask me another question. I repeated, “Did you say I was free to go?” he said yes, then I said good night got in my car and left. I was not going to answer any questions after they released me.

Thanks for your web site. I sent it to all my friends and family.