Teach them to respect and protect the constitution

Dear Flex:

I wanted to pass on some of my students’ comments after we watched your DVD.

After viewing 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, the students were asked to write about what they learned from the video and its value to high school students.

These are sections of their responses:

This video was very interesting and educational. I learned that police can use tricks and manipulation to get evidence from an individual.


Overall I found the video very entertaining.


I believe this video should be shown to high school students. It’s an excellent way to teach students not only about their rights and the laws, but it teaches them how to defend their rights.


I learned what to say and how to act if I’m ever randomly stopped by the police.


Prior to watching the video, I didn’t know that one could prevent police officers from searching his vehicle, pocket, or bags by stating he doesn’t consent to search. Overall, I thought it was very good video and should be shown to high school students (and anybody for that matter).


I enjoyed watching “10 Rules for Dealing with Police,” presented by Flex Your Rigths.org. I learned that I can deny a search when pulled over, and that I should stay calm when approached by an officer. I believe that this video should be shown to everybody because we forgot what rights we have.


This video was very informative and gave me valuable information. It should without a doubt be exposed to students in school because it teaches them how to deal with cops if they ever encounter them.


I think this video is important for students to see because it prevents them from being fearful of police, but also being nasty with them too.


I do think that students should watch this because a lot of teens are rebellious and challenge police authority. Students should also watch this video so they have a better understanding of how they can make the law work in their favor and know the proper actions to take when confronted with these situations.


I thought this film was very educational and it made clear what our rights were.


This video should be shown to students because it informs them of how they should act when they encounter the police.


I encourage high school students to watch this movie and know how to handle a police situation. People should go to the website, www.flexyourrights.org, to learn more about their rights.


I learned a few tips from this film. I learned to act calm and cool when approach by the police. I learned that you don’t have to allow the cops to search you or your property unless they have a warrant. You can say that you don’t consent to searches.


I learned that you can avoid being searched by the police by saying, “Officer, I do not consent to searches.”


I think this video is important for students to see.


From this film I learned how to deal with the police.


The video “10 Rules for Dealing with Police” is an effective film that reaches out to the public and informs them about how they can deal with the police. It is important for students to see this video because this video can be an important asset to help them protect themselves.