Q. I’d like to sell or give away lots and lots of copies of BUSTED. How can I get ’em on the cheap?

A. I think you’ll find our volume discount rates to be very reasonable.

Q. How long is BUSTED?

A. 45 minutes, but it seems a lot shorter because it’s fun to watch.

Q. I’d like to screen BUSTED at my college/church/temple/mosque/pub/stadium. Do you have any advice?

A. Yes. Lots.

Q. Do I have get special permission or pay you guys lots of money to screen BUSTED a massive audience?

A. Heck no! Here’s why.

Q. I’m a very special person. Can I get a free BUSTED DVD?

A. Um… No. But because you are indeed special, you may enjoy the reduced-quality version on YouTube for free!

Q. Is BUSTED closed-captioned or in Spanish?

A. Unfortunately, no. But our upcoming DVD, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police will be.