When young people reach adolescence "Officer Friendly" might not always be looking out for their best interests. Despite the natural anxiety parents have about sex, drugs, and alcohol — teaching your kids about their basic constitutional rights will help them become responsible civic-minded adults.

"I recently watched 10 Rules with my 20-year-old son, Johnny. He thought it was an excellent and important video and is planning to do as Ira suggested and take it back to his house at college to show his friends. He and I learned a lot, and who knows, 10 Rules could ultimately make a huge difference in his life. The video is a natural companion to the work I do with drug education for parents."
— Marsha Rosenbaum, Director, Safety First Project of the Drug Policy Alliance

"I’m an attorney and gave both DVDs to my 17-year-old son. He drives a van that looks like it was painted by the Freak Brothers. (We call it "The ProbableCauseMobile"). Thank you for a concise and understandable approach to basic civil rights. The Constitution is for everyone and need not be a mystery."
— Charles Pelkey, Attorney

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