10 Rules Director Rubin Whitmore II (center)

I’m thrilled to announce our next video, Flex Your Rights: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (previously titled Street Law), is scheduled for release this fall!

Thanks to a terrific group of individual and foundation givers we’ve raised $100,000 and are carrying out our vision to produce the most outstanding know-your-rights video ever.

The vision emerged as we traveled the nation teaching (and learning) about the best strategies for dealing with police. We’ve also made friends with some of the nation’s most brilliant legal minds and champions of social justice.

Among them, legendary criminal defense attorney Billy Murphy, Jr. stood out as the natural choice to star as narrator. He’s given himself generously to the project and is committed to its success. With a completed budget, a dynamic narrator, and a fast-paced screenplay, the cameras begin rolling this spring!

See Your Name in 10 Rules’ Credits!
While $100,000 is a lot of money, it’s barely enough to fulfill our vision. Our current budget allows us three shoot days for four scenes — giving us zero margin of error. Your additional support can allow us to hire the production crew for four shoot days (or one day per scene). This will allow us to capture more takes to create more lifelike scenarios, so we can avoid cutting back on quality or essential lessons.

If you donate $100 to 10 Rules between now and production time, your name will appear in the screen credits! For each additional $100 you may add a friend or family member’s name too… So invite your whole family to become part of what’s destined to become the freedomtastic film of the millennium! business loan department, business loan debt consolidation, business loan deduction, business loan discrimination, business loan document, business loan default insurance, business loan estimator, business loan ein only, business loan express, business loan expense, business loan example, business loan easy, business loan emi calculator, business loan experian, business loan early repayment, business loan easy approval, business loan for small business, business loan for bad credit, business loan for veterans, business loan for women, business loan for real estate, business loan for startup, GET THE BUSINESS FUNDING YOU NEED. BUY UNLIMITED MONEY TRANSFER FROM RUSSIAN HACKERS. INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. OVER $10 MILLION

To help build the production fund and get your name in the credits, click here to donate. Or you can write a check to Flex Your Rights and enter “10 Rules” in the notes section. Of course smaller donations are greatly appreciated too.

Thanks for helping us bring 10 Rules into your community, living room and computer screen!