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To get these holiday discounts and ensure pre-Christmas delivery, please place your order before midnight (EST) on Friday, Dec. 16.

10 Rules for Dealing with Police

The latest from Flex Your Rights, 10 Rules is a fast-paced and powerful know-your-rights resource. This is our newest and most impressive product. After watching 10 Rules, you’ll be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation.


$9.99 (plus shipping & handling)


BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Flex Your Rights’ first film, BUSTED has become a cult classic. Humor and helpful tips combine to make this video a must-see for freedom lovers everywhere. Created by Flex Your Rights and narrated by retired ACLU director Ira Glasser, BUSTED realistically depicts the pressure and confusion of common police encounters.


$9.99 (plus shipping & handling)

Get Both DVDs (FREE Shipping & Handling)

You don’t have to choose! 10 Rules is a bit more polished and classroom friendly, but BUSTED scores the biggest laughs. Get ’em both, and let your family choose their favorite.

$19.98 (FREE shipping & handling)

Best Deal! Get 5 DVDs for $39.95 (FREE Shipping & Handling)

After clicking the green "Add to Shopping Cart" button below, the discount defaults to five DVD units of 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. So if you’d prefer five units of BUSTED or a DVD mix (e.g. three units of 10 Rules & two units of BUSTED), please specify your selection in the "Comments/Special Delivery Instructions" box.

$39.95 (FREE shipping & handling)

Happy Holidays!


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