If you haven’t seen it yet, you must watch the season premiere of The Good Wife. The central plot line is based on the Breakfast in Collinsville viral video produced by our friend Terrance Huff.

Like the real life incident, the show depicts an illegal search based on a bogus drug dog alert. (It also takes place along the notorious Madison County, Illinois “forfeiture corridor” that trapped Terrance.) The drama also exposes the dirty drug war politics behind such searches — including the constitutional abuses done in pursuit of asset forfeiture money.

And if that’s not enough, the young driver character, Zach, gets arrested and charged with felony wiretapping after recording the incident with his iPhone. (He later finds a “Know Your Rights” website with an uncanny resemblance to the old FlexYourRights.org design!)

I’m not gonna spoil it anymore, but it’s really fun to watch and the ending is superb. You can watch the entire episode here. It looks like the recently pulled the full-length episode, but they’ve still got a 5-min clip of the traffic stop part.

According to the ratings, 10 million people watched this Sunday evening. That’s, perhaps, 10 million more people better prepared to assert their constitutional rights in the face of abusive police power.

Yours in Liberty & Justice,

Steve Silverman

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