Rubin Whitmore II, 10 Rules Director

Rubin Whitmore II believes in the pursuit of happiness.

Rubin has been invited to lecture on music videos, filmmaking and society at universities from Clark Atlanta University to North Carolina Central University, from his alma mater the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to Savannah College of Art & Design. He is a veteran filmmaker with close to one hundred film projects, ranging from documentaries to music videos. Rubin has amassed over fifteen gold, platinum and multi-platinum plaques for producing and directing music videos. He was recently nominated for the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation funded 2008 Media Arts Fellowship program through the Renew Media organization. (Read full bio.)

Roger Sorkin, 10 Rules Producer

A DC-based filmmaker, Sorkin has won numerous awards for writing, directing and producing. His work has been featured on television, at film festivals, seminars and conferences, and in classrooms around the world.

His documentary film “For Which It Stands”, a wry look at the movement to ban flag desecration, won the grand jury award for best documentary at the DC Independent Film Festival, and has been honored by the Freedom Forum.

In 2003, FYR hired Sorkin Productions, LLC to produce BUSTED. Because the quality of his work was outstanding (and on-time and on-budget), FYR hired Sorkin to produce 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

Sorkin began his career in public affairs broadcasting, and received a Master of Arts in Communication from Stanford University’s Documentary Film & Video Program. (Read full bio.)