Are you teaching constitutional law and need the lessons to stick in your students’ minds? Enhance your curriculum by featuring 10 Rules for Dealing with Police in your lesson plan.

Key Discussion Topics Include…

  • The history of The Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • How The 4th Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search & seizure
  • The connection between remaining silent and your right to legal counsel
  • How the Bill of Rights protects the innocent
  • Why knowing your rights makes you a better citizen

Here’s what educators have to say about BUSTED! [Note: BUSTED is the predecessor of the brand new, 10 Rules DVD]

“I showed BUSTED to my 400-level class with 19 students. One student who sits in the back and doesn’t talk much raised his hand after the film and said, "I think everyone should have to see this film before they come to college. Every friend I know who’s got in trouble made one of the mistakes made in this video." I then showed it to my freshman intro class of 100 students. It’s the only video that I’ve had students ask to borrow despite not being on the course’s next exam! I intend to show it to every freshman intro course when we discuss policing.”
Rob Griffin, University of Idaho, Dept. of Criminal Justice Studies

“I used BUSTED in my criminal procedure class. It was a big hit! The students felt it was a great way to review the course materials and several asked if they could have a video. I’ll be teaching this class again next year and plan to show your video on the first day of class – which my students felt would be a real attention-getter. Thanks for the video!”
Kay Levine, J.D., Ph.D., Emory University, Assistant Professor of Law

“I recently had the opportunity to show BUSTED to an introductory-level criminal justice course, which has approximately 300 students. The actors in the film are about the age of my students and the scenarios are situations familiar to my students. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. By showing both what can go wrong and how it can be righted, they went away with a much better understanding of their constitutional rights. It’s an excellent film that I would highly recommend.”
Dr. Ralph A. Weisheit, Illinois State University Dept. of Criminal Justice

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