If anyone has any lingering doubts about why you need a lawyer if you’re under police investigation, check out this revealing video of Mike Nifong’s testimony before the North Carolina State Bar disciplinary committee.

For the video impaired, here’s the transcript:

Committee Guy: Do you recall making statements to the media in the early part of this case about the players’ wall of silence or something to that effect?

Nifong: Yes, sir. I do.

Committee Guy: And do you remember making statements about if they didn’t do anything why did they need a lawyer?

Nifong: Yes, sir. I do.

Committee Guy: And other matters about them exercising their right not to testify. do you remember making those statements.?

Nifong: Um, I not sure specifically about testifying. But I do remember making statements to that effect. Yes, sir.

Committee Guy: And are those statements you could have made to a jury?

Nifong: No, sir. They are not.

Committee Guy: Did you think through that process before you made those statements back in the beginning of March?

Nifong: Clearly not as much as I should have…I was certainly not intending or attempting to make improper statements, but I think clearly some of the statements I made were improper.

Committee Guy: Were violations of the rules of professional conduct?

Nifong: I would have to say so at this time. Yes, sir.

Is it any surprise that “Nifonged” is now a popular neologism?