Civic associations from all across the political spectrum use 10 Rules for Dealing with Police to enhance their community organizing and advocacy work. This includes civil libertarians, drug policy reformers and medical marijuana advocates, police accountability groups, gun rights advocates, privacy advocates, religious organizations, and groups working with juveniles and at-risk youth.

Key Discussion Topics Include…

    * The history of The Constitution & Bill of Rights

    * How The 4th Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search & seizure

    * The connection between remaining silent and your right to legal counsel

    * How the Bill of Rights protects the innocent

    * Why knowing your rights makes you a better citizen

Here’s what community activists have to say about 10 Rules!

"We had a Know Your Rights training (and showed 10 Rules) for the American Indian Community at the IndianWorks community center. One woman who attended told us that her son and his friends were being harassed by a police officer assigned to his high school. The officer stopped them repeatedly when they hung out after school and constantly demanded to search their bags. Although her son was not at the training, she was eager to show him the information and she went home and ordered 10 Rules.

"She called a month later to say that when the officer stopped her son and his friends as they walked home from school and demanded to search their backpacks, her son said, “Officer, am I being detained or am I free to go and I do not consent to a search” all in one sentence. The cop turned red in the face but returned to his squad car, sped off and has not bothered them since. With such great results, the mom has been showing Busted to all of the neighborhood youth."
— Michelle Gross, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Minneapolis, MN

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