neill-franklinNeill Franklin, a 34-year law enforcement veteran, retired from the Maryland State Police in 1999. During his time on the force he held the position of commander for the Education and Training Division and the Bureau of Drug and Criminal Enforcement. Major Franklin instituted and oversaw the very first Domestic Violence Investigative Units for the Maryland State Police. After 23 years of dedicated service to the Maryland State Police, he was recruited in 2000 by the Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department to reconstruct and command Baltimore’s Education and Training Section.

Like so many young police officers he never questioned the law, the policy or even the orders or direction from superiors. He was a soldier who took the orders and applied them to the letter of the law. He was proud of his work, taking druggies off the street and of the hundreds of arrests he made. Hearing Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke speak to this failed “war on Drugs” policy caused him to give the “war on Drugs” another look. Once he took the time to check the statistics, to notice the demographics, to see the disparity between laws and those in prison, to notice the homicide rate and why it was so high, he knew something was just not right.

As a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Neill is motivated by the high number of civilian lives lost, and the many police officers who give their lives in this unnecessary war. He is not just an idealist, but a patient idealist who understands that it will take time to complete this journey. It is a firm and steady influence responsible for the true wonders of this world…the great redwoods, the great pyramids, the grand canyon and soon, the end to prohibition.

When not working Neill volunteers his time by serving on many boards that include, Children 1st (child advocate organization), Faith Based Community Council on Law Enforcement and Intelligence, the Place of Grace Church, Anne Arundel Community College Criminal Justice Advisory Board, and board president for TurnAround, Inc. (domestic violence, sexual assault victim advocate providing counseling and shelter services). Major Franklin is married to Denise, his wife of 25 years and has one son, Brandon. He is also very active in his church, The Place of Grace, where he serves as a board member.